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  • Teachers are required to masks at all times. 

  • Clients are required to wear masks when entering, exiting or moving throughout the studio. Masks are optional during your workout but highly recommended.

  • Pilates class capacity will max out at 6 people with additional space between Reformers.

  • Classes will end at 50 minutes to ensure extra time to sanitize between classes.

  • Clean socks have always been mandatory but now we mean it. 

  • Private training will not occur during class times unless the class is not at capacity.

  • Expect air hugs and lots of pointing. 6’ of space between friends. 

  • Sanitize upon entry. All clients and teachers. Even if you just rubbed that alcohol cleanser into your palms before you walked in, we gotta see you do it again. 

  • Happy hour outside of the Studio. With limited occupancy we cannot congregate at the front. We know it’s hot, but the extra convo has to happen outside so we can keep our numbers low. 

  • Arrive on time, but not early. We don’t have anywhere inside to wait, and it’s hot. We will be ready for you inside at your scheduled time (and cannot wait to see you).

  • ******FITNESS CLASSES will be VIRTUAL ONLY until July 27th.

  • All fitness class participants will enter & exit through the back door, limit 6-9 per class in-studio depending on location. 

  • Fitness classes will continue to be available on MINDBODY VIRTUAL.

  • Personal mats or mat towels are required by all.  


  • Vinyl hand and foot loops that are easier to sanitize on all Reformers. 

  • Personal Reformer mats are available for purchase.

  • Complimentary homemade masks are ready for pick up now. 

  • We have a stockpile of wipes and sanitizer waiting for you.

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