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Pilates. It's a lifestyle.

“I love Pilates! And Remedy is the best place to do it! The facility is beautiful and so comfortable and the instructors are friendly, knowledgeable and make you work - they push, but in a good way."



Remedy has more to offer than most fitness studios. Pilates is limitless when it comes to transformation, providing balance in muscles, core strength and flexibility. Pilates is a spring-based resistance workout that digs deep into muscle and is available for all ages, injuries and goals.

We merge both the classical and contemporary styles of Pilates to create a personalized experience for our clients. Our instructors have completed the 500+ hour Pilates Sports Center Teacher Training and have an advanced understanding of both the Pilates Method and anatomy. We train to our clients needs and are dedicated to providing the best Pilates you can find in the Valley.


Private sessions ensure that you’ll make progress in your practice. Whether it’s general fitness or injury recovery, one-on-one sessions ensure your personal needs and goals are met. Highly recommended for new clients.


Up to three clients with one instructor. These sessions are for groups, but not tied to a studio schedule. You and your friends define the schedule while your instructor plans classes to meet each client’s workout level and goals.


High-energy classes incorporate Reformer, Tower, Chair and more. One instructor and up to 6 clients focus on flow, stamina and form. Group Pilates classes are challenging and provide a whole-body workout.

New to Pilates?

What happens at Remedy

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